The annual sales tax holiday is rolling around again and it is set to start August 2nd and end August 4th. Shoppers can feel good about the back to school shopping experience as this weekend only the State of North Carolina will wave sales for certain purchases.

Items are not necessarily exempt from sales tax just because they are required by a child’s school or sports team.  Visit NCDOR’s website for a complete list of items that qualify.

One other item to note is that if a retailer charges you sales tax on a related item, the Department of Revenue for the state will not issue you a refund, you will have to seek that refund from the retailer. Make sure you bring the list with you when you shop to make sure you are not charged on the exempt items.

Below is a list of mobile apps that will help you save time and money on your back to school shopping experience.

Android and iPhone
Amazon Price Check App for Android
Amazon Price Check App for iPhone
Google Shopper App
Price Grabber App
Redlaser App for iPhone
GoodGuide App for iPhone

Top free shopping apps for Android listed here.