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Paul Durso on InFocus: Saving for Retirement

Are you on track saving for retirement? Paul Durso alongside many other experts discuss the many obstacles with saving for retirement.

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It’s Just A Numbers Game – Insight Folios

Do you know if you can retire early? It’s just a numbers game, do you know how to play?

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Paul Durso on Fox: Gifts That Last

We all love to give at Christmas, Paul Durso shares a few ideas on giving gifts that last.

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Thanksgiving Conversations

Turkey, pumpkin pie and family, that’s why we love Thanksgiving, so let’s use this time together to have important conversations!

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Charlie Bowers on Fox 46: Black Friday Survival Guide

Charlie Bowers shares with Fox 46 a few tips on how to survive on black Friday and still have some money left in your bank account.

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Are Market Fluctuations A Bad Thing? – Insight Folios

The market can be a very frustrating place, especially when you look at your account values on a regular basis.

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Paul Durso on Fox 46: Veterans Day Scam Warning Signs

As we recognize our Nation’s Military this Veterans day, local professional Paul Durso from Durso Capital joints Fox 46 to talk about the 5 most common scams targeting vets and the red flags we should all be looking out for.

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Charlie Bowers on Fox 46: 60 Minutes to Save Money

Charlie Bowers share a few tips on how to save money in an economy that requires so much spending.

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Do You Need A Million Dollars to Retire? – Insight Folios

Do you really need a million dollars in savings and investments to retire?

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How To Choose A CPA – Insight Folios

Several tips and tricks on how to choose the best CPA that’s right for you!

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If You Want To Retire, You Need To Put Your Money To Work! – Insight Folios

Why are so many Americans afraid they will not be able to retire because they don’t know how to put their money to work.

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8 Retirement Deadlines You Need to Know – Insight Folios

The 8 retirement deadlines you need to know to plan the retirement of your dreams!

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Saving for Retirement

Paul Durso shares a few tips on how to save for retirement without crippling your lifestyl

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Featured in US News

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the US News about whether or not an income property could rescue your retirement. Below is a link to the article.

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Back to School

Although you may feel like summer just started, it’s time to start preparing for all things fall – brisk weather, football and back to school.

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Major Money Talks

While most fans are thinking about peanuts and crackerjacks, we should also be thinking about the errors we’re making with our money.

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Father’s Day Savings Tips

KIDS- ELEMENTARY AGE TALK ABOUT MONEY With little kids, you should focus on talking about money and how you use it. Start with talking about what jobs are and how…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: The Price of a Mother’s Love

Babies: Childcare Diapers are a big expense when you have a baby at home, but the cost doesn’t compare with childcare. It now costs more to send an infant to…

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Featured in U.S. News & World

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed about how rising interest rates could affect the real estate market by U.S. News. Below is a link to the article.​

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Financial Literacy

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Paul Durso on WBTV: America Saves Week

Our wallets are feeling a tighter pinch this year! From health insurance to grocery bills, a number of things are costing us more in 2017. That’s why this week is…

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The Hybrid Fiduciary: What the Heck is That? – Insight Folios

Are you confused with the hybrid fiduciary adviser, well, you are not alone!

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I’m Divorce, Now What? – Insight Folios

Recently divorced and don’t know how to pick up the pieces and manage a household? You are not alone.

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Credit Cards

A swipe here or a swipe there– credit cards have become an integral part of our lives. But be warned- those simple swipes can turn into a great, big financial…

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