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Hope this note finds you and yours safe, healthy and enjoying the summer as we close in on the end of July. As your morning notes covered last week, markets…

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Summer Chop…Normal

Remember the rampant concern about the impending doom over Brexit? Well, uh, never mind. The terrible headlines the morning after are two weeks old, or 488 media years – whichever…

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Look Out Above?

Warnings? My Dad served in the Navy. He was second in charge of a nuclear sub in his final year of service. The phrase “look out below” comes from the…

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Half Way There

Markets continued above breakout range even as the pause later last week saw volumes fall. This is likely more caused by the simple fact that it’s summer. Indeed while we…

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A Slow Jog

Hope this note finds you all well and prepared for a relaxing summer weekend. Sadly, we must start yet another note a send of prayers to all those affected by…

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Don’t Look Now

Boy did I have that one wrong. The idea that we might have back-to-back weak jobs reports was blown out of the water right after I hit the send button…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Friends & Finance

Are your friends costing you cash? July 30th is International Day of Friendship – a great time to talk about how the spending habits of your friends could be rubbing off on you without you even realizing it!

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The Dog or the Owner?

Do you ever notice how tough it is to really feel what it was like on 9/10, the day before the 9/11 attack on America? So often now we move…

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The Real Surprise?

So often when it relates to markets or investing, we hear the word “surprise” it almost sub-consciously takes on a negative feel. We have been trained by the frenzied process…

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The Cleanup

As the summer haze thickens and the chatter of Brexit and its various fallout risks blends into a dull headache, we can be somewhat assured that summer chop is set…

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Improving Links

As covered for you last week, forward earnings are picking up and have been for weeks now. Let’s stay patient though – I suspect that is unlikely to make a…

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More Haze Ahead

I have noticed that volumes slacken in stages as the summer haze rolls onward in a normal summer. The next stage tends to kick-in right after the July 4th break…

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Half Done Already

Welcome to the second half. Clearly markets have provided a nice bounce-back from the panic activity related to Brexit. It is nice to see as the crowd takes an emotional…

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Difficult Tack: Common Sense

Have you ever noticed that all past corrective periods are described as opportunities while all future corrections are defined as risks? We are living through yet another one of those…

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The Street: Credit Card Debt – Insight Folios

A few insights about credit card debt as noted by The Street.

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The Street: Credit Card Debt

This is just a quick note regarding my recent quote on “The Street”. They wrote an article about credit card debt and wanted some insight so we gave them some!…

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Paul Durso on Fox46: Brexit

The Brexit took investors by surprise. Many thought the U.K. would remain in the EU, which made the impact even more severe. Stocks world wide saw more than $2 trillion dollars wiped of their value Friday morning.

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The Apocalypse, DCCLXXVII

What a weekend. Trying to review all of the experts’ opinions this weekend is a wasted effort. Besides it immediately places ones mindset into a failure state: the state of…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Brexit

There is concern this could lead to a global recession similar to what we saw in 2008.

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UK Decision: That’s Just Great

Welcome To Summer Swoon 2016 Has anyone seen a country lying around here? I jest – sort of. While my intent is not to make light of Brexit’s results, I…

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“Brasted” Energy

More wasted ink, wasted energy and wasted time. Brexit will soon be in the trash bin of threats that have come across the pathway, always taking too many off course….

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The Future – and Predictions

On the eve of “the vote”, I thought we should possibly step back and recognize again what is not happening. Though we have repeatedly been witness to multiple reasons to…

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Character Shift?

The big houses on the Street are all chiming in with thoughts on the latest chamber of doom: the upcoming “summer of discontent”. Seems there is a growing “perception” that…

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Back in late January as oil was bottoming, your morning notes suggested that with all the experts now espousing the mortal risk of deflationary clutches, we should be on the…

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