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Got Altitude?

Often over the last 30+ years of doing this, I have found some of my errors came from not standing tall enough to see over all the weeds. Sentiment is…

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Simmering Under The Surface

Quick Stats and Data Snapshots NAHB housing data came in just shy of experts assessments but the Atlanta reading on Q2 GDP has once again bounced a bit higher, continuing…

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All Hat No Cattle

Starting this week, your Friday note will include links to the previous morning missives for the week in case any charts or elements are missed – or if you would…

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I Can Recall a Time….

The Consumer and Savings Before 2008-2009 so rudely interrupted the market’s pathway last decade, I recall how the media hated the idea that we simply did not save enough. They…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Mom’s & Finances

Moms are making their mark in the workforce. Women now earn nearly three times what their mothers did. But, they’re still earning less than their dads and their husbands.

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Out of Left Field?

When I sailed ocean races as a kid, I recall the feeling one would get when you noticed a distant calm approaching – the doldrums. You were making good time…

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A Stack of Needles

April went out with a whimper and left markets almost where they started the year. We suspect this will continue a bit longer as noted over the last few weeks….

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40 Days…And 40 Nights

As April comes to an end, the flood of earnings data continue to roll in, swamping anyone who prefers to think long-term. They last about 40 days in earnest with…

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Embrace a Dip

Earnings continue to roll in as economic landscapes which will drive decades of new activity continue their underlying shift. If it feels as confusing as it was back in the…

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Shell-Shocked…For What?

Call me a nut but I remain a bit mystified by how much the news flow does not appear to be matching the earnings flow. Sure – pace of growth…

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Ghosts of May’s Past…

Markets in general have entered that “ho-hum” window we had suggested was quite likely as earnings season dawned. Earnings have been mildly better than expected so far – and in…

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Don’t Look Now…

As much as the media headlines would lead you to believe the world is ending, the earnings season has not been nearly as negative as expected. Surprised? Data in the…

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Missing the….Drone(s)?

I suspect a vast number of the Black Swan crowd are scratching their heads today as they ponder the reasoning behind the market. I mean if you get stuck to…

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Wrong Measuring Sticks?

Good news. Stock buybacks are not propping up the entire stock market. For months now we have been told by various media outlets and the BSHS (Black Swan Hunter Society)…

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Laughable Yes?

Good news. China reported their GDP and magically it arrived at exactly what most were expecting – as they devalued their currency again. Recall it was only 18 months ago…

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Taking The Bait

Hey, earnings have kicked off and the markets are trying very hard to break through the resistance channel which has capped them for a mind-numbing 18 months. Let’s be patient…

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The “System” is Just Fine

Guess What? The deficit as a % of the GDP is imploding. How come we have not seen that anywhere in the headlines. Heck, they could even use the word…

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The Next 100% Move is Up

As we get set for Alcoa to kick off the quarterly onslaught of data, I like to remind you of what we cover each quarter. In the days of HFT…

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They Did What?

Long-time clients and members know we began warning of “impending doom” in the price of oil as 2012 dawned. We reiterated same in a special report in winter of 2013….

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Clean Your Credit

It’s Springtime! Not only is it a good time to clean out the garage and reorganize the closets,  it’s a good time to make sure your credit report is neat and tidy as well. 

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Snapshot: Partly Cloudy

After the bounce-back to even the books at quarter’s end, one would expect a pause to be normal. This time around is not much different. With the manic-depressive emotional bend…

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Vacation’s Over – For Now

So here we are – one quarter of 2016 down and three more to go. We are also nearing the eve of the first quarterly earnings charade – sorry, parade…

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Just Plain Foolish

Hey – Happy April Fool’s Day to you and yours. Many are still finishing up their Spring Break. Sadly for the kids, school is back in session on Monday. Whimper…

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GDP Hamstrung

It is likely we continue to slow and choppy action this week just like most of last unfolded. Volumes are way down – likely from a combination of the Holiday…

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