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Review: December 30, 2020

What a crazy week as Holiday music filled the air and the internet smoked the malls in retail sales. It’s hard to believe there were no accidents reported at all,…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Football and Finance

Football has long been looked at as more than a sport, but a teacher of life lessons. The Panthers are set to take on the Denver Broncos this Sunday (Feb. 7th), so now is a great time to take a look at how football can impact your finances.

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Just As It’s Obvious – It’s Not.

Too Obvious? A week or so ago, in these notes, we suggested the stage had been reached where everyone now hates oil – and indeed we don’t think we ever…

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It’s Never the Elephant

Before we get rolling on a few rather positive issues, I would like a show of hands on everyone who “knows” the major problems facing us. I mean they are…

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The Valley of Death

The markets closed out month 1 of 2016 in a race to soak up some of the red ink spilled throughout the month. A good deal looked like short covering…

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No More Bulls?

This is almost as much fun as having a root canal. Oh wait, I am having a root canal later today. Ugh. In case you felt a bit dizzy, the…

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Damages Done?

Enjoying the roller coaster? Hey before I try to call the future – one note of importance as I dust off this old crystal ball: “Trying to predict the future…

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Data MisMatch

A solid day on Friday did little to change the psyche of the investor. Weekend headline were dropping with fear-mongering as usual. I could paste in a list below but…

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Dark Secrets

It can’t be a surprise that within 48 hours of the mass of experts calling for $10 and $20 oil we have seen the price rally a tad bit over…

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It’s All Fear Now…

As I reviewed the sea of red ink yesterday on the screens, one can get a sense of just how emotionally the masses are interpretting the data streaming through the…

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The Cycle of Doom

Is It Really Over This Time? Many readers who have been around for awhile may recall the times we referenced our phone call sentiment indicator. We can easily pull that…

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Armageddon Already?

Fear is Here Just in case you might be wondering if anyone is afraid yet I have a few tidbits of data for you here. The AAII bullish reading released…

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Dysfunction Reigns

I apologize at the start today – this note may be a bit lengthy but it is useful for weekend review when you have a moment to really think some…

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Paul Durso on WBTV: Powerball 2016

It’s the biggest lottery jackpot ever! Wednesday’s Powerball drawing will be worth a cool $1.4 billion! It should be a dream come true, but many lotto winners find themselves living in a nightmare – broke after a few years.

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Bear Hunting Season Opens

I have never been bear hunting. And after seeing Mr. DiCaprio’s scene in The Revenant, I am pretty sure I likely will never go. That being properly noted, were one…

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Is it the end of the year yet? Oh, wait, that was only the first 5 trading sessions of 2016? Are you kidding me? I don’t know about you but…

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Logic First? Or Second?

Wow, what a start to the New Year. It’s official – they tell us the first trading day was the worst in 84 years! The drums are already beating about…

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New List of Fears

Well the year has not yet really started and we have a new array of things to fret over. How many times will the Fed hike? Will they hike at…

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2015 Year in Review

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Same Old Fears?

I was set to write a different note this morning. That was until the ill-fated economic readings came out of China last night. Asian markets immediately sold off as the…

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Happy New Year – and More

Most important for today – the last morning note of 2015 – I want to wish you and yours the very best of the New Year. May 2016 be happy,…

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Meandering Thoughts 2016

First and foremost, I want to send wishes to you and yours for the very best of the Holiday Season. Be safe, enjoy family and friends and may your New…

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Cruel Hoax?

If you feel a bit of whiplash – don’t fret. It’s what happens when markets rally 250 points one afternoon and then fall the same 250 points the next morning….

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Looking Back?

This is normally the time of year when most would be reviewing the positives, discussing gains and looking forward to the New Year as the holiday spirits engulf our remaining…

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