Football has long been looked at as more than a sport, but a teacher of life lessons. With the Carolina Panthers season underway, it is a great time to take a look at how football can impact your finances.

  • There are five quotes that I discuss on WBTV and I have listed them below. You will see how I have correlated these quotes to finances on the clip.
  • Tom Landry (former player and longtime Dallas Cowboys coach) “Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”
  • John Madden (former player, Oakland Raiders coach and football analyst) said, “The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.” What does that teach us about our money?
  • Paul “Bear” Bryant (former player and University of Alabama coach) who said, “Don’t give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half.”
  • Don Shula (former player and Miami Dolphins coach) said, “The one thing that I know is that you win with good people.”

Bonus Tip:

Football players spend hours practicing and reviewing footage before their games. What can we learn from that approach?

The happiest retirees are those who spend at least 5 hours a year planning for their golden years (according to a 2012 online study.) Use that time to evaluate how your plan is working and adjust your route accordingly. As Vince Lombardi said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”