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Fall 2015

Contrary Thoughts

Ah yes, well, the chop continues even as we wind down 2015. Many may be surprised to note that we only have about 14.5 trading sessions left in 2015 –…

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Which 3% Matters?

Oddly enough almost a dozen of the last 15 closes in the broader market have been with a 120 basis point range on the SP500. Interestingly, late last week, we…

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Churn and More Churn

Needless to say, while the Holiday Season is unfolding nicely, the markets continue onward with the internal churn we have lived with all year – and then some. This week…

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Almost Funny?

Retail Chatter If it was not getting so funny it would be sad. First, as I noted last week, we can expect an eruption of headlines designed to terrify you…

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Better Than Expected

I hope the Thanksgiving Holiday has kicked off a fabulous Season of joy, love and cherished times with family and friends for you and yours. Thanks again for allowing us…

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Happy Thanksgiving

So here we are – the beginning of the Holiday Season 2015. Stunning how fast this year has gone by. Pretty scary how fast it might go by 20 years…

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Second Thoughts

The markets have seen 5 straight days with a 1% move or more on the close. Oddly, that has ended with just a 1% improvement. So as we can see…

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We Recover Together

First, thoughts and prayers have been going out to Paris and all who have been affected by the terrible events there since the coverage began on Friday. I suspect the…

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New Problems?

After a good bounce, markets have hit a brick wall and seen some setbacks this week. The nervous nellies will say things like, “see it was just a bear market…

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Giving Thanks

Bull or bear..good or bad. Deep in our hearts we can all be thankful for what we have and today that thanks goes to our Veteran’s across the land. I…

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